The Cheshire law enforcement officials and firefighters are warning motorists of the dangers of country roads in newly-launched safety campaign.

Their month-long drive called ‘Think’ seeks to save many lives and reduce the risk of accidents by encouraging drivers to brake before the bend, not on it.

According to recent research, about 59 per cent of road accidents take place on country roads, which means an average of three people a day die in rural areas with a third of the accidents occur on bends.

Due to the fact the country roads usually have sharp and blind bends, and unexpected dangers, authorities advise drivers to slow down before curves so they could give themselves time to remain in control.

Police Constable Eoin Anderson of Cheshire Constabulary said: “Cheshire has a lot of country roads and – with the number of occurrences we deal with – at Chesire Police we are all too aware of the increased hazards they pose.

“Most collisions on country highways caused by burning off control as a result of poor observation and planning, too high an entry speed into the bend, and driving too fast for situations.

“Also we would encourage individuals to consider advanced driver or rider training.”

The campaign asks drivers to read the road ahead and expect potential dangers, drive at a speed that permits them to stop in the safe distance, stay in control by giving themselves time to react by braking before the curve, respect other people who use country roads and give cyclists, horse riders,  and walkers plenty of space when overtaking.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s station manager Colin Heyes also said that the number of injuries and fatalities on country roads are ten times higher than that of motorways and they frequently receive calls to free trapped motorists due to vehicular accidents.

Heyes also added: “Drivers should be more aware of the hazards of driving on country roads, take more care, and curb their driving speed, particularly when approaching bends and junctions.

“Remember, brake ahead of the bend, not on it.”

While all drivers are targeted on the campaign, the main focus is on men aged 34 and below, since the largest number of death and severe injuries on country roads belong to this age group.

The campaign’s ‘if you could see’ advert will rerun online and in cinemas, with audio versions to be played on radio stations.

It also uses a 3D scanning technology allowing drivers to see through the bends of the country highways and spot dangers ahead.



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