Jeremy Vine at The Heights near Broadcasting House

One of the biggest names in broadcasting, Jeremy Vine, is appearing at The Brindley Theatre, Runcorn, to share stories from his 30 years on the air.

The Brindley continues its popular season of ‘audience with’ evenings when they welcome Jeremy on Friday 24 April with his show What The Hell is Going on?

Jeremy Vine is one of the UK’s most successful radio and TV broadcasters. In more than thirty years at the BBC, he’s presented Newsnight, Panorama, Crimewatch, Eggheads and Points of View as well as his daily Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2, the UK’s most listened-to radio news programme. Plus his daily Channel 5 show. 

He’s been shot at in Croatia and had chewing gum placed on his chair in Zimbabwe (by one of Robert Mugabe’s supporters). He increasingly he finds himself asking “What the hell is going on?” as information and misinformation get mixed together and the sheer volume of news that gets thrown at us all is mind blowing. 

Get ready to laugh and cry as Jeremy tries to make sense of a world that increasingly makes no sense at all and where, as he puts it, “my listeners have better stories than I do.”

For tickets and information: or contact the box office on 051 907 8360.


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