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Stone Roses Spike Island Anniversary Gig suffers public safety concerns


Almost 15,000 people are set to extend the tribute to the iconic Widnes gig that saw 30,000 people converge on the former waste dump. This was recently reduced from 20,000 as authorities are concerned that the Mersey Gateway bridge is too narrow to be used as an access point for this many people, and could potentially cause a crush. The police, fire brigade and local council are all in agreement that the event should be refused their license to perform here.

Halton’s environmental health department have recently said that there are concerns surrounding the construction projects which would make it difficult for pedestrians to reach Spike Island safely. 

Another concern relating to the event is the lack of secuityr staff at the event and whether the local rail network can cope with such a huge influx of passengers.

The environmental health officer said: “It is not clear from the plan if the potential increase in passenger volumes has been discussed with the train operators and companies responsible for station management to ensure that they have the capacity to deal with an increased volume of passengers on the trains and at the stations on the day of the event.”

Halton Council’s regulatory committee will meet on Wednesday evening to determine whether to allow the event to go ahead as planned on May 16th 2020.



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