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Trauma Clinicians deliver lifesaving training in Runcorn

Amongst those who took part in the training was Peter Bradley, whose friend died in August 2019 following a stabbing in Widnes.

Following the training Peter said: “The hands on, practical training today has ensured that there are people placed within our community that now have the right knowledge and confidence, along with the right equipment, to help if ever they encountered a situation whereby somebody had a major bleed. 

Unfortunately, at the time of my friend Chris’ stabbing in 2019, the equipment and knowledge wasn’t widely available and he didn’t survive. As a community we need to make sure that there are people ready to help in similar situations should they arise going forward. Today, with the help of the police and KnifeSavers 25 people made that commitment. 

“I’d urge anybody who is interested in getting involved in fundraising to make our borough safer to contact KnifeSavers. They have been instrumental in helping me raise money to provide over 50 kits to the community.”

Police Constable Ian Hampson, who organised the training, said:

“Sadly, as we’ve seen previously, a person who has been stabbed can bleed to death in just five minutes, so it’s essential to stem the loss of blood as soon as possible.

“This is where Bleeding Control Kits can make a real difference, they enable members of the public to stem the flow of blood, with all types of wounds, before paramedics arrive. That can be the difference between life and death.

“I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who came to this training, particularly the doctors from KnifeSavers, who gave up their own personal time to deliver the training.”

KnifeSavers was formed to empower and educate people to deal with bleeding caused by knife injuries.

It was founded by trauma doctors at the Major Trauma Centre at Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool, in conjunction with victims of knife crime and their families.

One of the doctors who delivered the training was Mr Nikhil Misra, a trauma surgeon based at Aintree Hospital.

Dr Misra said: “Our team treats patients with knife injuries on a daily basis and we have the opportunity to pass on our experience and knowledge on how to control major bleeding via the KnifeSavers campaign.

“From our collective experience we know that time is critical in treating these injuries and that every second counts.

“There are now a number of documented cases of the KnifeSavers training and Bleeding control kits being successfully used to control major bleeding from knife wounds in the last few months around Merseyside, and save lives.”

To find out where the nearest Bleeding Control Kit is to you, you can download the free KnifeSavers app to your smartphone.

The app can also be used in a real time emergency situation, giving you a step-by-step guide on how to control major bleeding.

A group of surgeons, doctors and nurse specialists from Liverpool visited Runcorn this week to deliver life-saving training on the use of Bleeding Control Kits.

Bleeding Control Kits were first introduced in Cheshire in January 2020 and since then kits have installed across the Halton area – including 31 kits in Runcorn.

The kits enable members of the public to help save knife crime victims from bleeding to death severe blood loss or even death.

The latest training took place at Brookvale Community Centre on Monday 19 July and was well attended by more than 25 people.

The training was funded by Cheshire Constabulary and delivered by staff from the KnifeSavers charity.

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