Today we interviewed Tony Burke, MD of StrongGuard security.  With him being a leading UK security expert, we wanted to pick his brains on crime and security in the UK.  Not only did he give us his comments, he kindly offered to put together the stats for the info-graphic about the top 10 reported crimes in the Widnes area!

If you want a breakdown on what crimes where reported in your area or close to your address, please comment below and a member of the StrongGuard team will be able to give you all the details you need…

General Security comments From StrongGuard Security:

Security with integrity is proving to be a successful formula for fast-growing business according to the founder of StrongGuard Security, the UK’s preferred security partner.  They are currently enjoying soaring growth as a result of its strong ethical values.

Aged just 28, Tony Bourke has grown StrongGuard Security UK into a company which now employs nearly 100 people across the UK.

Tony has worked in many areas of security, including government, aviation, the prison service, secure forensic unit, consultancy and investigations before launching his company in 2011 where he now advised on security for schools, large retailers, and blue chip clients across the UK

Bourke’s unique selling point was StrongGuard’s belief in offering “security with integrity”,

StrongGuard began with a turnover of just £5,000 before word spread and revenue has now increased off the scale, said Bourke.

A major factor in the company’s growth proved to be when StrongGuard began offering concierge and security services as part of a dual role in properties.

“This proved very popular,” said Bourke. “So much so it has now been copied by some of our main rivals.

“But I’ve found the way to succeed is to be an organisation which people can trust and which offers something that is valued and needed.” 

StrongGuard Security also works in the leisure industry at premieres, as bars, clubs, casinos and at small to large events with services including crowd management.

Its offering includes manned guarding, mobile patrols, concierge/reception security, construction site security, door supervision, retail security, keyholding and alarm response services.

It is also opening up its security systems offering again in the summer offering CCTV, intruder /fire alarm detection systems, emergency lighting along with cleaning services. 

With this offering StrongGuard will now be servicing local communities and offering security advice ranging from how to keep your business safe and your homes secure.  

For more information on Strongguard please contact them on:

Tel 0800 6120749 |   Email:  |

Please feel free to share our infographic.  Just give credit to  and for providing the infographic.



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