Saturday, October 23, 2021

Spruce up your recycling this year.. What to do with your tree after Twelfth Night

With Twelfth Night now upon us, we should have all been taking down their decorations over the weekend. For some, this will mean finding ways to get rid of a real Christmas tree.

The Council is encouraging residents to recycle their real Christmas tree and there are a number ways to do so. 

Real Christmas trees can be recycled at one of the Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres which are located at Johnsons Lane in Widnes and Picow Farm Road in Runcorn. 

Residents who subscribe to the Council’s garden waste collection service can chop their tree up into small pieces and place it in their green bin. The Council will then empty the bin when garden waste collections recommence in the Spring.

For a small donation, Halton Haven has a Christmas tree collection service, for further information visit

As an alternative to recycling your real Christmas tree, why not think about buying one with roots that you can re-plant and re-use each year.

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