The Halton Borough Council confirmed that the Boundary Commission is scheduled to review 21 wards from the end of June to the start of September this year.

According to the spokesperson for the borough of Halton, the Local Government Boundary Commision for England will be conducting a ward boundary review to the council.

The proposals collected from June to September will be deliberated, so they are urging all organizations and individuals to send their views to the Boundary Commision within that period.

The commission will also be releasing further information on how they could send their comments.

The Halton Borough Council (HBC) leader Rob Polhill received a petition from to reduce the number of councilors from three to two across all Halton wards to save money.

Around 200 people supported the call at the time the writing was published.

The petition addressed to the HBC stated that since the amount of Government funding was decreased nationally, the HBC should also find a way to save money before putting the burden on the residents of the borough.

They propose that the HBC leader Rob Polhill reduces the number of councillors from three to a maximum of two across all 21 wards starting this 2018 tax year.

If HBC forces taxpayers to pay the allowances and expenses of the councillors, the residents should also have the final say on the number of councillors for each ward.

They furtherly added that in times of austerity, HBC should set an example to everyone on how to save money from within and that it is only fair that savings are found amidst the councillors.

Out of the 21 wards across Halton Borough, 16 have three councillors.

If the petition will be granted and wards will be left with only two councillors each, the borough will save £200,000 per year. And if the number of councillors per ward would be further reduced to only one, the money they can save annually will amount to £480,000.

When the concern towards the reduction of the number of councillors first emerged in November 2016, HBC stated that they were not considering it at the time since their last review recommends the number to stay the same.

However, in the same year, the neighboring Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council reduced their number of wards from 21 to 15 and cut the numbers of councillors from 61 to 45 where some of Widnes residents were affected by the changes.








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