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Residents’ funeral scheme success

January 14th 2019

Following the launch of the Halton Funeral, provided by Halton Borough Council and Houghtons Funeral Services, nineteen families have already elected to use the service to say farewell to their loved ones.

The Halton Residents’ Funeral, which created a lot of media coverage when it was launched, on the BBC and ITV, local and regional press and created quite a buzz online, provides an affordable funeral, including a coffin, a small funeral service, cars and all necessary arrangements for the funeral service including provision of all appropriate staff and facilities to ensure that the funeral service proceeds with dignity.

The use of the service by residents represents nearly 10% of the funerals and cremations that took place in Halton over the first three months of the Halton Funeral being launched.

The Halton Residents’ Funeral is a fixed cost funeral for cremation at Widnes Crematorium or burial at Runcorn or Widnes cemetery or burial in an existing plot at Halton Cemetery. Any person who is a resident of Halton is able to purchase a Halton Residents’ Funeral either at the point of need or in advance.

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for Environmental Services, Cllr Stef Nelson, said: “I am so glad we have been able to help people find a dignified funeral at a low cost. It has been our ambition to ensure that access to a funeral service, without getting into crippling debt.”

To find out more about the Halton Residents Funeral www,

A cremation funeral purchased at the time of need costs only £1,989 A burial for one in existing grave prices start at £1,870 for Borough resident, additional charges for two and three may be obtained from the Funeral Director.

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