Friday, October 22, 2021

New electricity substation set to boost supplies in county

A new £22 million substation project is now up and ready to boost the electricity supplies for more than 900,000 homes and business facilities across Cheshire and Merseyside areas.

SP Energy Networks’ project lasted for more than four years and has more than 150 people involved in planning, designing and building the project located next to Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, on the land previously owned by SSE.

The modern substation which operates at 132,000 volts is expected to boost the supply of electricity of homes and business establishments and support the increase of electric vehicles and charging points.

It is also expected to open the possibility of adding small-scale renewable energy projects on the region.

The substation is fully enclosed to prevent damages from any weather. Although the project cost SP Energy Networks millions, they are confident that it will bring great benefits for decades to come.

According to the network’s 132kV general manager, Mark Sobczak, the United Kingdom’s electricity system keeps on evolving and the increasing uptake of electrical vehicles, as well as the advancement of local renewable energy sources, means additional demand on to the grid.

Sobczak also added that the investment projects such as the newly-opened grid substation will not only secure that electricity network’s capability of coping with the changes but will also improve the security of supplies for the homes and businesses who are the primary consumers of the dependable grid system.



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