Friday, October 22, 2021


Residents were set a target by Halton Borough Council of reading for 60,000 minutes in just six days – and they smashed it!

An amazing 186,280 minutes has so far registered by individuals, schools and nurseries in Halton using the hashtag #haltonreadathon and by those attending special events for the week.

Halton Libraries set the challenge to take place between Monday 1 July and Saturday 6 July.

Readers of all ages were asked to get involved and 22 schools, nurseries and play groups registered for some of the more formal activities which took place such as readathon sessions in the libraries and parks.

Organiser, Nicola Lamb from Halton Borough Council Library Service said “We have been overwhelmed by the fantastic support from readers of all ages in Halton.

“Everyone from toddlers to teens, and those who may be a little older who have enjoyed reading for many years all got involved. It has been a great success and a big thank you to all, especially the schools, teachers and parents who registered their minutes too.”

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for Libraries, Cllr Phil Harris, said: “This has been a first for Halton and hopefully many challenges for the readers of Halton will follow.

“We know that the libraries are very well regarded and the support from teachers, residents and groups has been fantastic.

“Well done to all those who took part and we look forward to seeing you all soon in your local library and others (particularly schools) joining the next Readathon.’’

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