Saturday, January 22, 2022


Halton Trading Standards wants to warn consumers of another convincing scam DVLA email currently in circulation.

This phishing email advises the recipient their vehicle is no longer taxed and requests them to click on a ‘pay your tax now’ link.

This is an attempt to extract the consumer’s personal information, bank details and passwords.

A Halton Trading Standards Office Spokesman said: “As per our normal advice we would strongly advise that you do not click on the links within the email and instead contact the sending organisation to verify the content via known telephone or email addresses.

“This particular email looks official as they have placed the DVSA logo at the top of the email:

“Fortunately, the scammers have become confused between the two different Government departments, the DVSA and the DVLA, incorrectly using the DVSA logo whilst referring to the DVLA in the text (see image). “

The DVSA is responsible for driving tests and MOT’s, whilst the DVLA is responsible for collecting vehicle excise duty.

Apart from the usual grammatical and spelling mistakes, on this occasion the name of the recipient was incorrect.

Also a closer look at the link in the email confirms it isn’t a genuine DVLA website, which should end in the domain identifier

You can check this yourself by simply hovering over a link with your mouse – but remember not to click on it!

The email above is one version of many different scam emails in circulation. Some may claim to be Amazon advising you of a late delivery, or the need to update your account information.

While others may claim to be from a utility company or your bank, one thing is certain they all want your money.

Therefore, try and be extra vigil when opening and responding to emails and don’t get caught out, after all it only takes a quick telephone call to the organisation to verify the content of the email.

If you or somebody you know has been caught out by a scam or fraud please contact one of our specialist officers, Linda or Sue on 0151 511 8785 or 0151 511 8775, who are already working with people in Halton who have lost thousands of pounds to scams.

If you need advice on anything else please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline or 0808 223 1133

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