All Halton Borough Council Libraries now have the Family Arts Standards badge from Arts Council England, after meeting a number of strict criteria.

This means all activities and events programme aimed at children and families incorporate the standards.

Staff are not resting on their laurels, with have a lot of activities coming up over the summer holidays including storywalks in the park, 3D printing, science club, Chester Zoo workshops and storytellers.

The full programme will be available to see from Mon 1 July.

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for Libraries, Cllr Phil Harris, said: “We are proud of this award. It means the libraries in Halton are welcoming to families, with helpful staff, good facilities and considered pricing.

“They give clear information to help families decide what is or isn’t suitable for them and their children.”

An organisation that displays the Family Arts Standards Badge will:

1. Offer programming and activities for a range of ages.
2. Take practical steps to make performances /activities accessible to as wide an age range as possible: so appropriate events can be enjoyed and appreciated by all members of the family group taking part.
3. Provide clear guidance on age appropriateness and sensitive issues so families can decide if an activity is suitable for them.
4. Consider the needs of families and take into account transport issues when planning dates of activities, start and finish times, length of performance/activity, length of intervals or breaks.
5. Have clear pricing and take into account the diversity of families when considering
pricing and ‘family offers’.
6. Ask families about their experiences and views. Highlight changes that have been made and any barriers to achieving other suggestions.
7. Have a clear public policy for addressing complaints.
8. Reach out to and welcome all families to enjoy the arts and try new experiences.
9. Understand the needs of families of different ages and from different communities and remain flexible and responsive to them.
10. Ensure staff are trained to be aware of the barriers that may exist for families that include disabled adults and children, including those with complex needs
11. Have helpful staff who can respond to families’ questions and needs.
12. Provide clear & honest information in print and on the internet about the facilities they have available, whilst ensuring they provide:
• Clean and safe facilities
• Suitable access for wheelchair users and buggies
• Advice if spaces for wheelchair users and buggies are limited and/or advance booking is required
• Appropriate seating for children and those with limited mobility
• Accessible toilet and baby changing facilities that both men and women can access
• Free drinking water
• Healthy food and drink options suitable for families (if refreshments are available)
• Comfortable seating for feeding babies, including breastfeeding
• Clear signage and easily identifiable staff/personnel
• Clear travel information



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