Cheshire Fire and Rescue Services is initiating a lifesaving campaign to limit the possibility of lethal fires across the county.

It is aiming to hand-in-hand with various local organisations, although many of them have refused to share data with the service because of a possible threat to data protection.

As a result of those concerns, the service’s prevention team has created and sent booklets to care homes and social landlords motivating them to point out households that firefighters and service advocates should pay a visit.

Nick Evans, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s head of prevention, said the booklets contained specific studies of real people who unnecessarily lost their lives on fire incidents which could have been prevented in the first place.

The leaflets also include real photos of the fire incidents that happened around the county. Evans further stated that not knowing the extent of a person’s vulnerability would hinder the possibility of helping them, and all of us should be obligated to protect and share the information.

People most at risk include the elderly living in domiciliary care facilities, disabled, mental health patients, those who suffer dementia, and victims of drugs and alcohol misuse.

The Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is hoping for the support of more organizations on this campaign to prevent many individuals from losing their lives.



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