Ofsted inspectors have praise West Bank Primary School in Widnes on their efforts to strengthen their quality of teaching.

The primary school which has been listed in special measures has been making fairly good progress towards the withdrawal of that status.

John Nixon, an Ofsted inspector, said that the school’s leadership and management have been toughened by the work of IEB(Interim Executive Board).

He also stated that the newly appointed associate head teacher was able to gain the respect and trust of her staff immediately, and as a result, the staff morale increased, and their quality of teaching improved.

According to Karen Highcock, West Bank Primary School’s headteacher, the staff have been completely wonderful, and their efforts and hard works can be seen in the comments of Ofsted.

Parents were also very supportive of their efforts. Everyone, including staff, parents, and pupils are all working together.

The chairman of the IEB, Dr Harry Zimman also revealed how everyone in the community takes pride in the school and their eagerness to restore it.



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