Friday, October 22, 2021

Our verse-atile Halton Libraries

October 4th, 2018

Halton Libraries are here for you,
Lots to read and plenty to do!
Escape with a book, or listen to rhymes,
Learn how to code or discover old times
Widnes, Runcorn, Ditton and Halton Lea,
There’s one near you wherever you may be.
Friendly staff and cool décor.
A book utopia who could want more?
Come on in and turn the page,
It doesn’t matter what your age.
We have books, CDs, computers too,
Mags and maps, old and new.
Harry Potter or The Cat In The Hat
Halton Libraries are where it’s at

National Poetry Day is an annual celebration that inspires people throughout the UK to enjoy, discover and share poems. Everyone is invited to join in, whether by organising events, displays, competitions or by simply posting favourite lines of poetry on social media using #nationalpoetryday.

National Poetry Day was founded in 1994 by the charity Forward Arts Foundation, whose mission is to celebrate excellence in poetry and increase its audience. The Day enjoys the support of the BBC, Arts Council England, the Royal Mail and leading literary and cultural organisations, alongside booksellers, publishers, libraries and schoolIt’s national poetry day so here’s a rhyme.

You’re never too young to enjoy poems so join us today for rhymetime at Halton Lea library to share rhymes and songs for 0-5 year olds from 11am. We will also be hosting a rhymetime at our bump booster baby shower event today at Widnes library from 3.30pm.

We also have a wide selection of poetry books for you to enjoy – there is a poem for everyone to discover.

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