How to achieve better hair, skin & nails – With Christmas out of the way and the new year upon to look forward to, its time to start thinking about how we can look after ourselves and change the way we think about how we look.  And more importantly how we go about making lifestyle changes that will have long term effects

Our lifestyles can have a massive effect on our health and appearance. Our hair, skin and nails need to be looked after in order to be maintained, but worry not, you don’t have to invest in expensive products to achieve this. It doesn’t have to be as complicated and as expensive as you think, it mainly comes down to two main factors, diet and lifestyle.


Our hair, skin and nails are mostly made up of protein so its important that we consume a lot of it for a strong and healthy look. This involves eating lots of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products. Make sure you’re not consuming too much red meat however as this can make your skin appear inflamed and puffy.

If you’re consuming a lot of refined sugars, this is going to have the opposite effect of protein, your skin might appear bumpy and grey. Cut out these parts of your diet and replace them with protein. This will make your body stronger and combat brittle hair, spotty skin and thin, breakable nails.

Water is an essential ingredient for looking wonderful. It helps your body flush out toxins so follow the guidelines and drink your 6-8 cups a day and your skin will be as radiant and as glowing as the sun.

Nice hands on white towel. Soft manicure.


Having high stress levels can really show in your appearance, looking haggard and tired all the time isn’t a good look. That’s why it’s important to minimize stress levels, perhaps join a meditation or yoga class to restore calmness. Regular exercise will also benefit you, aerobics is great for increasing blood flow which helps the circulation to your scalp, fingers and skin, prompting growth.

Smoking has dreadful effects on not only your health but your appearance too so if you’re a smoker, consider quitting. It is extremely ageing and can cause wrinkles to appear deeper. It also makes your skin and nails yellow and discoloured and hair brittle and weak.


Goal Setting

By just setting yourself some simple goals for 2018 will really help you achieve the look you want.  Focus on the little things first.  By taking things one step at a time you will find it much easier to stop the bad habits such as secret snacking, the extra sweet, the cigarette that you didnt need to smoke.  Before you know it you will have hair, skin & nails that are showing all the signs of improvement you are looking for


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