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Eat Healthy in the New Year


Easy but tasty meals you can make in minutes

When you have a busy lifestyle it’s easy to neglect you diet and eat things purely for convenience. If you’ve been eating a bit too much freezer food and microwave meals and not enough home cooked nosh, it can really begin to have an effect on your health and wellbeing. Plus, a bit of home cooking can be fun sometimes…

  • Beef/chicken/prawn stir fry

This really is as easy as it gets, all you need is a bit of chopped up veg, some diced meat of your choice(optional), some noodles and a bit of soy sauce. Throw all the ingredince together in a pan and within minutes you’ll have a tasty result.


  • Chorizo and pesto pasta

This is a great one to make a big batch of and leave left-overs for dinner the next day. Three simple ingredince are needed, just chorizo, pesto and pasta funnily enough. All you do is boil the pasta and cover in the pesto sauce, use as little or as much as you want and throw in some chopped up chorizo.

  • Peppered salmon and pan fried broccoli

If you want something to really tantalise the taste buds, peppered salmon and broccoli is perfect! It might be the quickest meal to make of them all and is a great option if you’ve got guests coming over and you want to impress in a hurry. Salmon can be a little pricy but it’s all about where you buy it from. Throw the broccoli in the pan with some oil and cook until crispy, add in the salmon fillets and let them cook for a few minutes each side, sprinkle with salt and pepper for flavour and add a side salad.

  • In a hurry chicken curry

A classic favourite, chicken curry! If you have the time, making a curry can take hours, but it doesn’t need to! If you’re in a hurry and craving a curry then it’s a really easy meal to simple down, but it does involve a bit of cheating. Boil in the bag rice is a life saver when dealing with time constraints and will really hurry along the most time-consuming part of the meal. Throw the chicken into the pan and once cooked, add the curry mixture (just some plain yogurt, cream and a few tea spoons of curry power).


  • Bacon carbonara

This one’s for the carb fiends. All you need for this simple carbonara recipe is some spaghetti, bacon and some eggs, cream and cheese for the sauce. For some extra flavour add in some Italian seasoning and you’re onto a winner.



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