Sunday, January 23, 2022

Dedicated Operation to tackle criminality across the roads in Manchester and Cheshire

GMP’s response to Operation Crossbow

Criminals using roads in and around Greater Manchester and Cheshire have been targeted during a dedicated operation.

Operation Crossbow, which took place on Wednesday 22 September, is part of ongoing efforts to disrupt criminal activity across our roads and borders.

It involved more than 80 officers from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and Cheshire Constabulary, including officers from roads policing, motorcycles, dogs, drones and local policing, enabling both forces to work collaboratively and police the border between the two counties.

Following an afternoon briefing, vehicles made their way en-masse to key locations and worked into the early hours. Many took up strategic positions along the arterial routes while others roamed – ensuring that if there were any drivers or vehicles linked to criminal activity, they would be caught.

The operation resulted in:

Greater Manchester Police:
• Six Traffic Offence Reports issued for use of phone, vehicle defects and window tints
• Four vehicles seized due to no insurance, driving license offences and MOT issues
• One summon to court for traffic related offences
• One vehicle seized for dangerous conditions
• Two stolen vehicles recovered
• Three arrested for drugs offences and possession of an offensive weapon – investigation remains ongoing

Cheshire Police:
• A total of 29 tickets were issued for not wearing a seatbelt, using a phone and excess speed.
• A total of five vehicles were seized for no insurance.
• A stolen vehicle was recovered.
• Two people were arrested on suspicion of drug driving and possession of drugs.

A joint effort, including support from GMP’s Tactical Dog Unit, resulted in the arrests of two men aged 31 following a fail to stop. The men, who remain in custody, were arrested on suspicion of failing to stop and other driving offences.

Assistant Chief Constable Scott Green of Greater Manchester Police, said: “Operation Crossbow is a great example of forces working together to target criminality, and sends a clear message that there is no geographical barrier when targeting criminals operating across our road network; criminals don’t stop when they reach a border, and neither does our response.

“The strong police presence creates a hostile environment for travelling criminals who are a threat to our local communities, and the results further emphasise our commitment to tackling crime. We know there is a strong link between illegal vehicles and other types of serious crime, and the work today will no doubt impacted criminal networks operating across borders.

“A range of intelligence was gathered throughout the operation, and I look forward to seeing the results continue to come in from this, and also how this will inform future operations, both within GMP and beyond.”

Cheshire constabulary’s Chief constable Mark Roberts added: “We’re sending a strong message here that if you are travelling into or through Cheshire in order to commit a crime, then you are not welcome.

“Our officers are committed to preventing crime and will relentlessly target those suspected of wrongdoing – this day of action highlights this and our determination to make Cheshire a hostile place for criminals.

“Law-abiding citizens of Cheshire can rest assured that we will continue to target and catch those who commit crime.”

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